Fast For The 70's

by Foton Kuşağı

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cem Çatık in Bubinga Records, 2017. Special thanks to Adham Farid, Fırat Itmeç, Mutlu Oral.


released April 4, 2017

Paul Osterlund: guitars, vocals
Alper Erkut: drums
Matt Loftin: bass



all rights reserved


Foton Kuşağı Kadıköy, Turkey

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Track Name: ILYIS (ft. Cem Çatık)
I love you I'm sorry
but it might not mean a thing
I love you I'm sorry
I should have given you everything

your picture's still on my phone
it just wont leave me alone
I should have given you everything
Track Name: Fast for the 70's
it's coming alive
willing and stable
but laggin behind
it's gonna block the way again

hitting its stride
at 45
keeping in time

going all out
reaching new angles
i'm gonna shout
before I lose my voice again
Track Name: Lose My Cool (ft. Cem Çatık)
your halo shines bright
i see it all night

thinking about you I just lose my cool
lose it for you

your halo, my sight
is blinded all night
Track Name: İnşaat Sesleri
her sevdiğim yer yıkıldı
her gittiğim yer bozuldu
aklımdaki her tatlı an bile yok oldu
şehrimizi çaldılar

gökdelenler çok fazla
tatsız beton manzara
oturduğum yer neredeydi?
artık belirlenemiyor
her rüyam kabusa dönüyor
inşaat sesleri beni uyandırıyor
sokakta olan herkes öksürüyor
şehrimizi öldürdüler
Track Name: Too Loud for TRT
when you say things just gotta be this way
when you cry I just really wanna die

Pulses beating so my hard,
why I do I feel so far
in my eyes you're burning like a star
you really are

coming down gotta say it's not unfound
coming around, you're gonna bring it crashing down
Track Name: Flames Fading
my head's in my hands
can't even hold it
faced with a sequence
of dead-end death traps

flames fading
I'm burning out

the motive's desperate
the reasons distant
caught in this labyrinth
of inconsistence
Track Name: When You Wanna Go
I timed it over so that I might say
if I was sober I'd make it stay
but I'm not the man I was
it's just not good enough

but when you wanna go i'm here, i'm ready
when you wanna go just name the time
when you wanna go my feet will carry you
this time

this time I cheated I took it slow
to find a reason to let it grow

but it can't go on like this
what I can't have I miss